Julia Haltigan

Julia Haltigan grew up amongst the grit and oil stains of Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the 1980’s, often tucked away in a small vintage motorcycle shop, Sixth Street Specials. From the iconic 8th avenue music building to roof top parties at the Chelsea Hotel, Julia was raised amongst the riff raff of a famously grungy town. Her early life gave her an edgy perspective that has shaped her songwriting and dynamic character today.

Growing up in a musically inclined family, she picked up on melodies with a natural ability. Not only is she merciless like rockers Joan Jett & Wanda Jackson but her sultry voice can melt your heart. She knew it was her passion to pursue music when she got into artists such as Tom Waits & Lou Reed by digging through her father’s record collection. Julia is a tough girl with a hard edge who’s music is cinematic and nostalgic. A wanderer at heart, Julia is able to captivate an audience with stories of her travels around the country and leave you wanting more of her seductive and flirtatious music.