Green Asparagus Gazpacho
with Hearts Of Palm and Citrus

Yield: 8 Portions



1 Bunch  Green Asparagus (Blanched)
1 ea  Bulb Fennel (Frawns Reserved)
1 ea  Garlic Clove
½ Cup  Olive Oil
1 ea  Green Bell Pepper (Medium Sized, Seeds Removed)
1 ea  English Cucumber
1 ea  Jalapeno (Seeds Removed)
1 Bunch  Scallion (greens only, bulb reserved)
1 T  Salt
1 Cup  Water
1 Cup  Yogurt
½ Cup  Country Bread (crust removed)


  1. To make the gazpacho, combine the blanched asparagus, garlic, bell pepper, English cucumber, jalapeno, scallion greens, water, and bread. Puree on high and add in the yogurt and finish by drizzling in the olive oil. Taste and season with salt. Pass it through a fine-mesh strainer if desired. Chill until very cold.

Hearts of Palm

8oz Can  Hearts of Palm 
1 T  Olive Oil
1 T  Lemon Juice
40 Slices  Reserved Scallion Bulb
½ Cup  Reserved Fennel Fawns
1 ea  Orange (Segmented)


  1. Divide the soup into 8 bowls.
  2. Season the Hearts of Palm with Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, and salt. Arrange the Hearts of Palm in to soup.
  3. Cut the Orange segments in to 3 pieces and arrange in soup around the hearts of Palm.
  4. Garnish the soup with the fennel Frawns and sliced scallion bulb and serve.

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