Jana Kern-Mireles

Executive PASTRY Chef

As Executive Pastry Chef of The Lambs Club at The Chatwal Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, Jana Kern-Mireles creates uniquely approachable desserts influenced by the market and seasons. Kern-Mireles was reunited with The Lambs Club’s Executive Chef Galen Zamarra in September 2018, after working together at critically acclaimed restaurant Mas (farmhouse) for over 5 years. Chef/Partner Geoffrey Zakarian graciously explains, “She has a distinct ability to coax rich flavors from traditional pastry ingredients while giving them a modern lift and keeping the taste light and clean on the palate.” Kern-Mireles’ vision for the new pastry program at the restaurant is to execute a menu that combines a modern spin on classic dishes and flavor combinations. She has a passion for traveling around the world and finds inspiration from her favorite cities including Paris, Hanoi, Manila and London.

Kern-Mireles has shined within the pastry industry since 2006, after receiving her diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts from the Culinary Institute Alain and Marie Lenotre. She began her career in her hometown of Houston, Texas, after graduating a year early from high school. “Cooking had always been a hobby until I made the decision to go to culinary school, and I haven’t left the kitchen since,” Kern-Mireles states. She moved to New York City in 2011, and realized her dream of baking in some of the most notable restaurants in the country.

Later that year, Kern-Mireles worked alongside Executive Chef Brad Farmerie at PUBLIC as their Lead Pastry Cook. The fast-paced, Michelin-starred restaurant motivated her as she managed the production of all desserts and breads, along with inventing plated desserts for the weekly chef-tasting menu. Kern-Mireles loves the energy in a bustling kitchen explaining, “being on an all star culinary team is exciting. All stations need to combine forces like a symphony for the guest to have an unforgettable experience.”

Chef Galen Zamarra brought on Kern-Mireles as Pastry Cook at Mas (farmhouse) in 2012. She enjoyed constructing unique dishes each season in a fine dining jewel box setting. Mas (farmhouse) received 2 stars from the New York Times. During her time at the restaurant, in 2014, Kern-Mireles was named one of Restaurant Girl’s Best Pastry Chefs in New York City. She later went on to helm Osteria Morinia Soho’s pastry department and then reopened Mas (farmhouse) as the restaurant’s Pastry Chef.

Collaborating with Zakarian and Zamarra now is a highlight of Kern-Mireles’ career and she looks forward to amplifying The Lambs Club’s robust pastry program that spans from morning baking to evening compositions.